The Federation of Thai Industrial
Thai Contractors Association Under H.M. The King's Patronage

Pacific Rim Rich Group Company Limited (P.Rich) was established in July 1990. P.Rich has considerable experience in the design, engineering and construction of a wide variety of projects in Thailand , most Asia-Pacific countries . Most of its activities relate to the processing of mineral processing such as dry mortars, sand preparation plant for foundry and food processing such as animal feedmill, crude palm oil plant, ethanal refinery from tapioca. It acts as the service provider of design and engineering consulting services, project management services, equipment and processing facilities and construction work.

In the field of weighing and material handling technology machinery, P.Rich has established a subsidiary company in China named Shanghai Topstar Packing and Electrical Manufacturing Company Limited (Topstar), in order to research and to develop processing control devices for grain processing industry and mineral processing industry. Nowadays Topstar is “Manufacturing Metering Appliance Permit” certified by Shanghai Technical Supervision Bureau and also ISO9001:2000 certified, which can assure you to the quality products and services from us.

In the field of construction, P.Rich has experiences in industrial turnkey construction project.With our professional engineers in this field, who can design, advise, construct, and manage project from empty piece of land until it is ready to run the production. We are specialized in

Agricultural Process

  • Feedmill
  • Premix plant
  • Agriculture processing plant
  • Rubber processing plant
  • Palm oil crushing and refinery plant
  • Vegetable oil refinery plant

Metal Treatment Process

  • Chemical processing, DI water, and waste treatment plant

Mineral Process

  • Dry mortars
  • Sand preparation plant for foundry
  • Batch plant for glass production
  • Batch plant for refractory
  • Mineral crushing plant
  • Plaster board production plant

With our business core and fundamental of construction, P.Rich provides construction service to both private construction project and government construction project in term of houses, building, interior finishing and landscape. With the fine team of in-house engineers and on-site engineers, P.Rich can cover the operation from an empty piece of land to a complete ready to use facility.

  • Low/Medium rise building
  • Resortium concepts/properties
  • Residential project development
  • Construction management/consultant

In 2007, P.Rich has been appointed from leading European machinery manufacturers to represent their machines and their technology in Thailand and neirbour countries. Those machines are very well reputation in the world market and are used in many elite companies in cement indusrty, building material industry, foundry industry and many more in Thailand.


Machinery and Installation

  • Mixing technology
  • Mineral processing technology
  • Material conveying and handling
  • Grain dryer, cleaning, and sorting
  • Machines for animal feedmill and aqua feedmill
  • Baghouse and dust filter
  • Computerize weighing controller/scale
  • Automatic baggin machine for power and granular particle

Turnkey Service

  • Process design and engineering
  • Project construction and management
  • Equipment manufacture and supply
  • Equipment installation and commissioning
  • Civil work and construction
  • Land search
  • Production permit facilitation
  • Electrical control system
  • Computerize control system
  • Programmable logical control system
  • Instrument control system
  • Lighting system
  • Lighting arresters system

Construction Service

  • Structure and foundation construction
  • Construction management
  • Low/High voltage power installation
  • Elevator installation
  • Air condition and air vitalation installation
  • Secondary power generator installation
  • Vacuum and oxygen supply installation for hospital
  • Central pipeline installation for hospital
  • Auditorium with acoustic sound system installation
  • Domestic sanitary design and construction
  • Electrical and communication wiring system